July 03, 2019

Why podiatrists love Scholl Summer Sandals so much

By Fiona Shackleton
Why podiatrists love Scholl Summer Sandals so much

We introduced Scholl to our brand range this year as they sit within our ladies footwear ethos: STYLISH, HIGH QUALITY & COMFORTABLE. Yet there is more to them than meets the eye.

One of my closest friends, Helen, is a qualified podiatrist, running the hugely successful Cleckheaton Chiropody and Podiatry Practice.

Scholl summer sandals podiatry approved West Yorkshire stockist 

She was highly delighted when I mentioned that I was looking at introducing the brand.

Here’s what Helen has to say about our Scholl collection...

Footwear and foot shape

In my practice I deliver treatment required for many problems affecting the foot and lower limb.The problems that I see a lot of the time on a regular basis are often related directly to foot shape and footwear.

What I’m seeing is that people are performing more activities in less supportive shoes and my patients are suffering from the effects.

Your choice of footwear is really important

Scholl is addressing the issue of foot health by designing stylish sandals with leather uppers and linings. Then there’s cushioning and shock absorbing technology for maximum comfort and flexibility. Arches are supported and your foot is set in the correct position due to Scholl’s Bio Print technology.

Pescura wooden sole Scholl ladies summer sandals West Yorkshire stockist

There’s plenty of styles to pick from too, from the traditional wooden sole synonymous with Scholl, to gorgeous wedge heels for ladies who still like a heel.

Scholl Elgar’s wedge summer ladies heel West Yorkshire stockist


Long-standing reputation within our industry

Scholl is a brand long associated with Chiropody and Podiatry. It is a business that understands the foot’s biomechanics extremely well. The knowledge and expertise is this field is evident thanks to the design of each collection. The technology found in every single pair of Scholl is there to provide maximum comfort and support, and I simply can’t ask for anything more in my profession.

Style meets foot health

That was until I saw Shu’s spring collection. I was really impressed and immediately starting wearing some of the styles to see if they did meet my expectations. And they most certainly did! It is so exciting to refer my patients to a stockist just down the road… the only one in West Yorkshire in fact. What’s more, my patients are reporting back to me how comfortable they are.

Scholl ladies summer sandals West Yorkshire stockists

I’m happy to state my claim to loving this year’s collection of Scholl summer sandals. I always encourage my patients to wear good fitting footwear with plenty of cushioned support throughout their life and the Scholl range ticks all the boxes.

Ginni pewter Scholl flat summer sandals ladies footwear West Yorkshire stockist

A huge podiatrist high five to Sharon for helping me promote foot health within West Yorkshire.