April 04, 2019

We're wild about Ladies Animal Print Trainers, Sandals and Heels

By Fiona Shackleton
We're wild about Ladies Animal Print Trainers, Sandals and Heels

It's official...animal prints are the new neutral. Leopard prints, zebra prints, and snakeskins are everywhere. Worn wherever and whenever it's the trend that suits ladies of all ages! 

Now we are a teeny bit biased, but if you are going to tick the animal print trend this year, you must do it with your footwear

Go wild for Xti 

One of our favourite Spanish brands, Xti, is waving the animal print flag majestically this summer. We've picked three key styles from their collection which suit the super stylish school run mum, the sun seeker and the night out the town kinda gal. 

Leopard Print Trainers

Ladies with busy lives have fallen for the Xti Leopard Print Trainers big time. Why? Well, they say that they add serious style to a normal every day. Then, it is easy to transition them into an evening look when matched with a cute black dress. 

Leopard Print Trainer XTI United Kingdom Leopard Trainer from Xti United Kindom

Snakeskin Print Trainers 

If leopard is not for you, then no worries as Xti has also produced the same style trainer in a snakeskin print. These definitely fall into the Animal Print is the New Neutral style rule - they'll go with almost everything. 

Both styles have the fashion trainer trend sorted, but they also behave like a real trainer with an extra padded insole and a super thick sole. This might not seem that important, but if you're going to embrace the trainer trend, you might as well indulge in the comfort factor too.  

Snakeskin print trainers Xti United KingdomSnakeskin effect trainers cream Xti Yorkshire

Sandal Safari 

If comfort is your key requirement in fashion footwear, then you'll certainly love the Xti Wedge Sandal. The insole is silky smooth to touch and padded so it feels like you are walking on air. 

The crossover straps also flatter any foot and keep your feet securely in place which is what we ladies need when wearing a platform wedge heel. We suggest that you add them to your list of holiday shoe essentials, as they'll match any neutral outfits, as well as bold colours such as orange, fuchsia pink or royal blue. Then on your return home, pair them with jeans for a perfectly practical British summer look. 

The height of fashion heels

Finally, Xti has designed two beautiful heels that will see you right through to winter (when the animal print trend will STILL be going strong). We love the fact that these heels have a two tone pairing with black. But which do you prefer, leopard or snake?


Make sure you check out the full collection here